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Mark Wahlberg on Faith and Film


In today’s podcast, from our radio show on The Catholic Channel on SiriusXM, Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg discusses his new film, “Instant Family” with Father Dave. He also talks about the importance of his faith and the work of his charity, The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation.



Mark explains why “Instant Family” was an attractive project for him: “Even before getting into the subject matter, I love the filmmaker. … And I think the subject matter was a plus because it’s an important subject. There are a lot of kids out there in the foster care system in need of a permanent home. … And it’s going to make you laugh and cry.”

Father Dave asks Mark if it’s difficult to practice his faith with such a busy career. “No, not when it’s the most important part of your life,” Mark says. “If it’s the center of your life and your existence, everything else is kind of second to that and works because of that. So, no, it’s how I start my day. I use a daily devotional reading and take 15-20 minutes to pray on my knees. And of course, going to Mass every day. … I want my kids to know it is the most important thing for me, and hopefully, they’ll become more curious about it and naturally gravitate toward it.”

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“My parents would want us to go to Church, but they wouldn’t go to church themselves,” Mark continues. “So, you’d go and get a daily missalette and say, ‘Yeah, okay, I went,” and we’d go to the park and do whatever we were doing. And then when I got in trouble, I’d tell God if you get me out of this I’ll never do it again. And I was saved, and I also had to go and pay the price for the mistakes that I made. But it’s when I really started to understand that it’s a good thing for me, and it helped me deal with some things. And the more I did it, the more good things started happening. I was able to deal with failure, disappointment, and loss. Just coming to accept that certain things happen and certain things are out of your control. But the things that I can control are things that I’m going to focus on. So, good things started happening to me and then when I was ready for the things I was asking for, God put those things in my life.”

Father Dave and Mark discuss his Youth Foundation: “I just wanted to make sure that I can create opportunities for kids growing up in neighborhoods like me who are exposed to drugs and violence,” Mark says. “Inner-city kids and at-risk youth. Send them to school and camp. I just want them to know that there’s a big world out there that doesn’t consist of just drugs and gangs and violence. It’s been great. Especially where I grew up in Boston. We go back to the Boys and Girls Clubs a lot, and the kids say, ‘Wait, you were from here? You were able to do what?’ They can really relate to me and identify with me. Hopefully, we can do more and make their dreams come true.” (Original Airdate on The Catholic Channel: 10-31-18)