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Mass Class: Holy Week and Easter Edition


Father Dave answers special Holy Week and Easter “Mass Class” questions, including, “Why is the Passion read on Palm Sunday?” “Why do we visit seven churches after Mass on Holy Thursday?” And “When does our Lenten promise officially end?

In answer to the question about the end of Lent (15:20), Father Dave points out that some people continue on with their Lenten promise after the end of the season. “The season of Lent ends when the Triduum begins. And the Triduum begins with the evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, which is Holy Thursday.”

WATCH: Holy Week in 3 Minutes

Father Dave reminds us that while Lent has ended, Good Friday is still a day when all Catholics fast and abstain from eating meat. “Good Friday is a day of fasting, which means one meal that is meal-size and two other times that you may snack — have a smaller meal — and no in-between snacking. … But also, no meat in any of those.”

Father Dave goes on to say that if you gave up a bad habit for Lent, Good Friday — the day that Jesus suffered and died for you on the cross — is probably not the best day to pick up that habit again. “Good Friday is penitential, so some of the things that people give up for Lent would not be appropriate to quickly add in on Good Friday.”(Original Air 04-12-17)

Photo credit: Christians carry a cross during a procession along Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem’s Old City on Good Friday. The procession ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, site of Jesus’ tomb. (CNS photo/Ammar Awad, Reuters)