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Returning to Confession


As a part of the Father Dave 30-Day Challenge, Brett decided to return to Confession. He shares his experience and excitement about returning to the Sacrament.

“I have not been to Confession in awhile,” Brett says. “I have not been in a few years … but I bring that up because I actually printed out what I’m supposed to do. Busted Halo has a whole guide on how to go to Confession … I was waiting in line and looking over my sheet. I show up, and I’m first in line.”

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“I started crying immediately,” Brett says. “As soon as my knees were on the kneeler. It was immediate. … This priest meant business, and I loved that. I told him that it’s been a couple of years, and I said I’m sad to admit that they are pretty much all the same sins that I confessed a couple of years ago. Because my vow then was to not do that stuff, but nothing changed. And I felt even worse.”

Father Dave responds to this idea. “I heard a poignant homily many years ago from a military chaplain priest who in response to feeling bad about repetitive sins said, ‘When you think about it, is it really worse? Would you rather just think of new ways to offend God and neighbor each time that you come?’ Because if we take it as a mathematical given that we’re going to sin, the two logical options are either they’re the same things or they’re brand new things.”

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Brett discusses rationalizing our sin. “We are called to forgive ourselves, but not rationalize stuff away,” he says. “The reason that you go to Confession more often is so that stuff doesn’t happen. I got so emotional because I hadn’t told anyone this stuff. … At one point, the priest told me to grow up and I was like, ‘You’re so right!’ I appreciated that.” (Original Air 8-14-18)