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Saints of Our Lives: Saints Benedict and Scholastica


In our premiere segment of Saints of Our Lives, where Team Busted Halo acts out the lives of saints in soap opera fashion, we dramatize the lives of brother and sister duo Saints Benedict and Scholastica.

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Saints Benedict and Scholastica were twins born to wealthy parents near Rome. Benedict’s name means blessed and Scholastica means smart. As a boy, Benedict was sent to Rome for schooling where he grew deeper in his faith. Eventually, he renounced his parent’s wealth and became a hermit. Benedict’s piety attracted others to him, and he eventually established a monastery where he wrote his famous list of rules for all monasteries.

Scholastica also founded her own religious community, five miles from her brother. Benedict and Scholastica would visit one another once a year and spend this time discussing spiritual matters. Benedict paid his sister a visit three days prior to her death and then buried her in the tomb that he had prepared for himself.