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Searching for a New Parish


A new listener has a question of faith for Father Dave: “I moved from the Northeast area about a year ago, and I’m really struggling because I had a very wonderful spiritual director [there], and I loved the church and the church family I had. Now, I just can’t seem to get that same feeling of belonging, and I wondered if you might give me any advice on how long it might take. I’m receiving the Sacraments, but it’s just not the same. … I was very involved [in my old community], but this is a much smaller parish, so they [don’t need as much help]. There are a number of Catholic churches in the area, and I don’t know if I should just shop around or if I should just [commit] to this one.”

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Father Dave says that “while there might be some in the Church who would” suggest that one go to the parish that is closest, “It really is not in the law of the universal Church, [nor is it] the expectation of the Church that you report for duty” at the nearest parish community. In fact, according to the canon law of the Church, your parish is defined as “the parish in which you geographically reside … or whatever parish you decide to make your own. … For as long as the Church has been around, there have been people driving a little farther to find the community that best suits their needs.” (Original Air 09-05-17)