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Should I Go to Confession If I’m Going to Repeat the Same Sin?


A listener named Dan asks Father Dave if there is a point in going to Confession if you know you are going to keep repeating the same sin.

Father Dave explains why going to Confession is worth it, even if we might sin again. “We do have a temptation in the spiritual life to think that we need to get all of our ducks in a row before we show up to God,” he says. “This mindset takes away the effectiveness of the Sacrament itself. You are right, I can’t just walk into Confession and not believe that I have sinned and not think that the things I’m saying are wrong, and just give lip service. No, that’s not genuine… We don’t have to wait to go to Confession until we’ve got a plan. We don’t have to walk into the Sacrament having solved all of our sin problems already and prove to the priest and God that we’ve got a plan and we’re going to be good. In fact, we believe the Sacrament is what we call efficacious. Meaning that it works; it actually does something. It’s not like going before a judge where we say, ‘Yes, your honor, I’ve amended my ways.’ It’s not like a parole board looking for good behavior to give you the stamp of approval. It is more like we’re going to a doctor or to the hospital saying, ‘I need some help.’ And we look to the Sacrament to aid us in moving forward. Not only feeling forgiven for our sins and feeling absolved, but in that sort of a resolve to, with God’s help, and with the grace of the Sacrament to combat what we presume will be the temptation to sin again.”

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Dan feels we can sometimes get in the way of God. Father Dave responds, “God’s grace is unconditional love and mercy that we have complete access to. Yet, we find reasons not to accept it.” He explains that as long as we are sorry for our sins, that’s what matters. We don’t have to figure out how we are never going to sin again, but trust in the mercy of God and the grace from the Sacrament to help us fight temptation. (Original Air 5-19-21)