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Struggling With Coming Back to Church


It’s a joyous occasion when a Catholic comes back to the Church, but it’s not always easy. A woman who has recently reconnected with her Catholic faith calls Father Dave to ask for some advice because she doesn’t feel fully welcome at her new church. She explains that she is married to a Muslim man and teaches at a Muslim school, which unsettles her fellow parishioners.

Amanda shares that her husband’s Islamic community actually led her back to the Church because of the way they accepted her and encouraged her to be close to God.

“The way to break down those misconceptions and fears of the ‘other’ is kind of what you’re doing now, and just encountering people,” Father Dave says. “I wonder if just a little bit more exposure will help. The more they get to know you, the same way that your Muslim friends brought you back to your Catholic faith, it may be you helping these fellow Catholics to appreciate or understand.”

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Father Dave also reminds Amanda that people may be closed off for other reasons. “It could also just be that sometimes it is hard for people to welcome new friends into the circle.”

He also encourages her to be honest about her experience with the Islamic community and her concerns about feeling unwelcome. “I know if that were me, it would feel very convicting. If these are devout Catholics and they support the Catholic Church, maybe it will make them realize that they are not doing as good a job in being welcoming and being like Christ to others.” (Original Air 7-12-16)