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Tenth Avenue North Singer Shares How He Learned to Follow God’s Will


Mike Donehey, lead singer and songwriter of the contemporary Christian band Tenth Avenue North chats with Father Dave about his new book, “Finding God’s Life for My Will: His Presence is the Plan.”

Father Dave asks Mike why it’s difficult to know God’s will. Mike uses the analogy of speaking to God on a walkie talkie to explain that we are usually seeking our own will “If God is talking to us on a walkie talkie with a few channels on it, you’re flipping through the channels and hearing static. Then you get to the channel and you hear God talking, but he’s not telling you ‘here’s the big plan that’s going to make you a huge success.’ He is saying, ‘Hey, I want you to forgive that guy from two weeks ago. And you think to yourself, something’s busted with this. So you start flipping through the channels saying, ‘I’m not hearing from God!’ But he’s still there on the same channel saying ‘I want you to forgive that guy.’” Mike explains that he thinks God cares what we do, but God cares more about the intention behind our actions and how we are doing it.

Mike reflects on how we make plans for our lives, and shares that he wanted to be a professional athlete when he was growing up. A bad car accident derailed those plans, leaving him with a broken back. “But I started playing music after I broke my back. I asked for a guitar just as a way to pass the time … Over and over it was like God was almost kicking me in the direction I didn’t want to go, because I felt really insecure playing music.”

As he began finding success as a musician, a greater realization struck. “I think maybe God wanted me to know that my success wasn’t from me, it was from him. And he doesn’t need success from me. He just wants surrender.” He points out that seeking God’s will is easier than we think. We just need to surrender and trust. Original air 8-13-19