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The Power of the Magnificat


Catholic author and speaker Sonja Corbitt discusses her new book, “Exalted: How the Power of the Magnificat Can Transform Us.” 

Father Dave explains that the Magnificat is the prayer that Mary prayed while visiting her cousin Elizabeth. He asks Sonja to explain her claim that Mary doesn’t just pray the Magnificat, that she is the Magnificat. “She is a song to God,” Sonja responds. “Like the Song of Solomon, that exchange of love between Hannah and God, Mary is a song to God because she was open and able and willing to be everything God had made her to be … We are also supposed to be Magnificats. That’s what she’s inviting us to.” 

Sonja also points out that Mary’s Magnificat encourages us to reflect on the gifts that God has given us. “She is constantly reflecting on God’s goodness … More than that, she is calling us to her own love of the Scriptures.” Sonja explains that it is important for us to draw inspiration from Mary’s love of Scripture so that we may be able to hear the Lord speaking to us in our own lives. (Original Air 12-12-19)