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Are Any Sins ‘Unforgivable’?

An often misunderstood passage in the Gospel of Mark that mentions an “unforgivable sin” or “unpardonable sin” has a caller confused. Is it possible that there is a sin that is beyond God’s love and mercy to forgive? The caller is especially concerned because the Gospel goes on to define the unforgivable sin as the blaspheming or rejecting of the Holy Spirit, and she fears that her daughter, who had once turned away from the church, will not be absolved of this sin, even though she has returned to the Catholic faith.

Father Dave explains the verse in the full context of the Gospel passage, citing St. Pope John Paul II, who wrote on the topic during his papacy in the encyclical “The Lord and Giver of Life.” Father Dave alleviates the caller’s fears about her daughter’s ability to be forgiven and affirms that not only can someone who has turned away from God come back and be forgiven, but that is, in a way, the point of our faith.

(Original Air 08-18-16)