Can Catholics Attend a College Retreat That’s Non-Denominational?

Certainly. However, you should investigate a few things. Is the retreat an “interfaith” retreat or is it run by a non-denominational church? There’s a huge difference there. The Campus Ministry Association or other governing body would be a good place to ask about those running the retreat. Are they well-known to the University community? That’s a good sign if they are, that the retreat is welcoming all faiths and not simply trying to recruit members from other churches by disguising themselves as a non-denominational retreat or bible study.

That being said, several campuses I know have done an interfaith retreat successfully with equal representation from all faiths. The experience was often described as one of “holy envy” where everyone looks on the other’s experience of faith as one that has been valuable and formative to their experience. Upon closer investigation of the differences in faiths, often participants found that their faith has more in common with other faith traditions than not.

Make sure that there is an opportunity for to attend mass on Sunday to fulfill your Sunday obligation.