Can you give advice to parents who are troubled when their children marry outside the faith?

While marrying outside the Church precludes one from receiving the sacraments, it is helpful for parents to keep the following in mind.
1. The end of the story is not yet written. The Holy Spirit continues to be active in the lives of your children. You’d be amazed how things can change as the years go by, especially when they start to have children.
2. Maintain contact and communication. You do not need to condone the act, but neither should you disown them because of it. A good rule of thumb: If your child seeks to return to the sacraments, will they be comfortable asking you for advice on how to do so?
3. In matters of faith, be inviting, not condemning. Remember, “The truth without compassion is the hammer that destroys.”
4. Never stop praying for your kids. St. Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, is a powerful intercessor in this regard. She prayed for her son to change his wayward ways and he became a saint.