Can you give me suggestions about being better able to listen to God?

The word God speaks to us is our life. Sit quietly and ask yourself the following question:

What really fills me with joy and passion?

God is speaking there. We can think about this in a number of ways. Who do you really love and who loves you? God is in those relationships, communicating who and what you and the persons with whom you are in relation are becoming for all eternity. What injustice or evil makes your blood boil and calls for your action(s) to set things right? God is very likely in that experience. How do you prepare for Mass? Too often we walk into the work of the liturgy with less preparation than we make for seeing a Friday night movie. Read the readings all week before Sunday Mass and see how God’s communication in scripture begins to come alive on Sundays. Do you have some favorite poems, stories, movies, novels? God most likely can touch your heart and mind through those. What are your favorite songs? God really slips into our souls on the vibrations that attune us to the universe.

God is not some “thing” among other things. God is the ultimate reality and ground of being that makes everything that is, and that keeps everything is existence. Everything speaks to us of God. We need to learn the language.
Most powerfully, God “speaks” in silence. Assiduously practicing the simple but demanding discipline of centering prayer is a practice that has helped many hear God in the depths of their souls and being.