To help pay for college, I started a web cam site where I only touch myself. Is that wrong and if so, why? It’s my body, you know!

While your self-sufficiency and resourcefulness are admirable, starting your own porn site is problematic, even with limits.  Before your body was yours, it was God’s creation.

Putting yourself out there in sexually suggestive ways compromises your inherent human dignity and dishonors the good intent behind sex.  Moreover, you pose a temptation to others—a “near occasion of sin,” as the Catechism says—to engage sex in unhealthy, undignified, ultimately unloving ways.  Sounds like mutual objectification: you want their money, they want arousal, all without commitment.  Porn may be easy and lucrative, but you’d be better off seeking other ways of earning money that won’t compromise your own human dignity—or anyone else’s.