Did Jesus and Mary ever disagree?

Obviously, the Bible doesn’t recount every conversation that Mary and Jesus had over the course of their lives. But we know that they do seem to have a difference of opinion at the Wedding at Cana, in John 2. When the wine runs out, Mary informs Jesus of this fact, as if to imply that he should do something about it (her words to the servers – “Do whatever he tells you” – make it pretty clear that she expects her son to intervene). Jesus, however, seems initially reluctant to take action, saying, “Woman, how does your concern affect me? My hour has not yet come.” In the end, of course, he does step in and turn the water into wine, thus saving the newlyweds from potential embarrassment.

Aside from this event, it’s probably safe to assume that there were other times when mother and son disagreed with one another. Even people who love and respect one another don’t think alike 24/7. We can also assume, though, that Mary and Jesus handled their disagreements in a constructive way instead of getting snippy and mean. Catholics believe that both Mary and Jesus were sinless; thus, it’s probably safe to say that they handled their disagreements with a certain generosity of spirit, each presuming the good intentions of the other.