Is dreaming about committing a sin the same as committing a sin?

Dreams are simply manifestations of one’s UNCONSCIOUS mind.  For sin to be considered sin we have to CONSCIOUSLY choose them.  So no, your sin in your dream is not something you need to confess.

However…(there’s always a however) you may be pushing down some of your innate desires and they are manifesting themselves in your dreams.  Dreams indeed do tell us a bit about ourselves and what we truly wish we could do, or perhaps they invent solutions to things that are troubling us that we work out in our subconscious.

So as an example, if we dream about having a liaison with someone we’re not married to, we might want to address what our dream is telling us and to try to have more chaste thoughts with regards to this person in question.  Or we might ask ourselves if we are objectifying this person instead of trying to get to know them as a person.  Or even if we are cheating ourselves and assuming that this person is “out of our league” and in essence are thinking that we can only have this person’s company in a dream and therefore are thinking less of ourselves.

While not sinful in and of itself, these dreams can indeed awaken us to how we are really feeling deep down about matters and then we can address those issues in the light of day with a more Christian attitude towards them.

Mike Hayes is the Senior Editor for Googling God