How should we respond when a priest does/says something during mass we don’t like?

My first thought is that if you feel the need to respond to anything you don’t like you should have enough restraint to not fire off something impulsively over email or approach the priest immediately after mass and give him a piece of your mind.

However, I do think that preachers need to know when they aren’t reaching people in their community. So perhaps the right approach is to ask to make an appointment and to explain your point of view at that time and to listen to his side of the story as well.

Lastly, you use the word “like.” It’s important to note that mass does not exist for you to “like.” Mass exists for GOD to like. We come to praise God and hope that our actions move God and bring God joy.

Secondly, preaching is meant to comfort the afflicted and also to afflict the comfortable. So when you hear something in a homily or reflection that you don’t like you might ask yourself a very easy question: Why don’t I like this? And what about this is speaking to me in such a negative way? Owning our feelings about this is fine but we also should be mature to realize that the preacher may simply have touched a nerve that we indeed need to hear–and our visceral reaction may indeed be fodder for our own spiritual reflection.