If I don’t feel that strongly about Catholicism is it OK to dabble in other religious practices?

No, this is never a good idea. If you truly want to explore other religions, it is best to do so from a point of view which is firmly grounded in your own Catholic Faith. This is to avoid the problem of relativism which leads to synchretism. Relativism is the attitude that all religions are basically the same. Distinctions are minimized and what is unique about each one becomes diminished to the point of obscurity. Synchretism is the attempt to take different elements of the various faith traditions and combine them into some amalgamation which is truly representative of none of them.

The fact of the matter is that you cannot validly assess another faith tradition unless you are firmly rooted in your own first. So, take a look at all the big blue buttons here on the Googling God page and learn all you can about your own Catholic Faith first. At the same time, find a good, vibrant parish community or young adult group and become regular in your participation in the sacraments. And don’t forget to pray. Remember, if you can’t find ten minutes a day for prayer, or scripture or spiritual reading, your life is out of control and you need to make adjustments. Be rooted in your own Catholic Faith, and then you will be able to encounter other religions with honesty and integrity.