What does God think of America bailing out CEOs and companies that CAUSED the financial crisis?

Not being God, it would be really arrogant to claim to know God’s mind.  That being said, we’re taught by the church that love of neighbor—even in difficult circumstances—is fundamental to community.  Those responsible for the crisis opted for love of self, whether out of greed or laziness.  They prized profit so much that they took undue, ignorant risk with the funds entrusted to them.

It’s important to look at the big picture as well as the details.  Distasteful as they may be, the bailouts seem to be more about damage control and pain containment, lest those affected suffer further.  This doesn’t take away from whatever culpability these CEOs and companies have, and they may well answer for it later, whether in court or in the afterlife.  Let God be God—in this case, final judge—and focus here on easing suffering and making the economic system stronger and more just overall.