Who is St. Lucy Yi ZhenMei?

Question: My daughter and I are doing research on a Saint from China (she is adopted from there). What is St. Lucy Yi ZhenMei the patron saint of?

While not any official patronage is assigned yet to St. Lucy Yi ZhenMei, she is one of the newly canonized Martyr-Saints of China.

She was born in 1815 and was always very pious even professing chastity at the age of 12. She taught children the faith and when approached by local parish priests to teach children she’d do it and never accept the small stipend that the priest would offer her for her service.

She’d later become a missionary and gave her life along with other Chinese missionaries who refused to renounce their faith in Jesus.

February 19th is her feast day. Some have said that she should be the patron of schoolteachers or religious educators in China, but no official patronage has been assigned to her as of yet.