Monday June 10, 2024

Prayer Requests

  • Willy in North Carolina: For his cousin Irvin having emergency surgery and for himself – he’s lonely living in NC
  • Patti in California: For Fr. Richard leaving USC
  • Regina in Connecticut: For her friend Barbara who’s son unexpectedly passed away
  • Fred in Texas: For his son Joshua & his wife – they are expecting their 1st child. For himself – he has Kidney cancer
  • Father Dave: For Father Vinny who passed away
  • Matt from Virginia: Mom, Kathie, celebrating her 73rd birthday
  • Nathan from Illinois: For his Aunt’s sister, Sarah that has stage 4 cancer and is having surgery tomorrow
  • Margie in California: For herself & her family – recovering from a torn meniscus and officially retiring
  • Trevor in NY: Prayer for himself & classmates- for his comps at school
  • Catherine in Connecticut: For her mom Florence who has lung cancer


  • Travel Triumph or Travel Trouble