Monday, May 22, 2023

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Prayer Requests

  • Claudia: For her daughter Jessica who is being transported to the hospital with seizures, and for Claudia
  • Matt: For the repose of the soul of Jim, a parishioner at his church who just passed away today and his wife Christine
  • Laurie: A follow up prayer for her son Stephen, who did break up with his girlfriend since she called and prayed for his difficult romantic relationship. For herself as she receives treatment for a macular hole, and for her husband who struggles with alcohol
  • Father Dave: For himself, as he needs a third round of surgery for carcinoma and for his friend Trish who will have back surgery next week
  • Terry: For his nephew John who just graduated high school and is heading to college in the fall
  • Brett: For his cat Bubbles who is quite ill and his wife Brittany who is upset about it as they prepare for their honeymoon
  • Krista: For herself and parents dealing with toddler-aged children, as Carmen starts to act out