Thursday June 6, 2024

  • Special Guest Co-Host: Lino Rulli Co-hosting the 1st hour today while Brett is in Colorado.
  • Father Dave & Lino have a Pilgrimage to Spain coming up . . .For more information or to enter the lottery-> Saints, Sacramentals & Sangria: España Experience with Lino Rulli, Fr. Dave Dwyer, Tyler Veghte & Brett Siddell (
  • Father Dave askes Lino if he agrees that these are the top Catholic cities to visit in America
  • FATHER DAVE’S 30 DAY CHALLENGE. Father Dave is looking to lose weight and we invite you to cheer him on…and possibly challenge yourself in the month of June! It does not need to be a weight goal, but can be in any area of your life. Let us know your participating, how you are doing or if you just need some support via our Facebook group!
  • Eric from Anaheim called in for some FATHERLY ADVICE!
  • Eric Groth is president of ODB Films and executive producer of “WILDCAT.” ODB Films is an award-winning not-for-profit Catholic film company whose mission is to foster an encounter with Christ through artfully made, spiritually rich films. Since 2005, ODB has produced 250 short films, including the 60-film Video Catechism Series for teens and young adults.  Their newest movie, “Wildcat” was written and directed by Academy Award nominee Ethan Hawke and is about the late Catholic author, Mary Flannery O’Connor.
  • Maternity Matt had a few Questions of Faith:
    • When you became a Priest did you stop being Dave Dwyer and become Father Dave?
    • How did you become a Paulist and what’s the difference between Catholic Religious Orders?