What are the Catholic Sacraments of Healing?

Reconciliation is the first sacrament of healing. Because of our natural tendency to sin, we break our relationship or our connection with God, choosing other things in favor of that relationship. We need to repair that bond with God and with the Church through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, better known as confession. We tell our sins to a priest who absolves them and restores our relationship with God to wholeness again. God always forgives us — but sometimes we withhold reconciliation, or reconciliation isn’t possible (e.g. I can forgive my mother but I might not be able to reconcile with her because she’s dead.) So the sacrament of reconciliation does more than offer forgiveness. It formally reconciles us with God and the community.

Anointing of the Sick: This is a sacrament that is given to anyone in need of healing. One need not be near death to receive it, which is a common misconception. A priest will come and anoint the sick individual with holy oils and pray for their healing.