Should I feel guilty for watching movies (not porn) that have explicit sex scenes?

Our feelings are always important things to take note of, and we can use them as a way to discern whether what we are doing is something that God would want us to do. In this case, feeling guilty might lead you to discern more deeply. Why are you watching the movie to begin with? Does focusing on sexually explicit scenes make you a more loving, faithful or hopeful person, or do they just objectify the actors in the scene and create a lustful image for you to swoon over?

That said; focus is the main point. We almost cannot help but watch images these days that are in some ways sexually explicit. The creators are responsible for them, but how we react to them is key. Might you become more engaged with how women, for instance, are portrayed and point out to others how the creators are manipulating us? Let’s not forget, sin can only be willfully committed by our reaction to things. So if you encounter a movie that’s sexually explicit you might decide it’s the better choice to turn it off or focus your attention elsewhere.

from Mike Hayes and the Busted Halo Question Box