BH@WYD: Annie Talks to Some Nuns

I´ve never had a conversation with a nun. In all my years of CCD, making my communion and confirmation, the nuns in my parish just seemed too important to talk to. Not to mention, so religious that I´m sure I was fearful of saying something wrong.

As I´ve grown older, I´ve come to realize these preconceived thoughts are very wrong. Nuns are humans just like the rest of us. They question their paths in life, they laugh, they have hobbies. At the end of the day we aren´t that different.

During World Youth Day, I headed to the Vocations Fair to find out more on why some women choose the religious life. Sister Carmen told me of the difficulty she faced when she informed her friends and family of her decision to become a nun. I also chatted with Sister Lucy from Portugal, who said she never planned to be a nun. Both explained to me their daily schedules and made me feel at ease.

When summing up my interviews the past week with priests and nuns to Joe, I compared my experience to previous run-ins with rock stars. They´re normal people just like the rest of us, I don´t know why we all think otherwise.

Annie Reuter, is a freelance writer and music blogger who covers concerts and music festivals around the country. In constant pursuit of the next show to attend and band to interview, Annie keeps up her own music blog, You Sing, I Write, where she uncovers what it's really like to spend the day with a rock star.