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November 25th, 2009

What Are You Waiting For?

Busted Halo's 2009 Advent Surprise Calendar

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Grand Prize Winner! Meg M. from Washington DC

Congratulations to Meg for winning the customized iPod Nano Grand Prize! Many thanks for the thousands of entries we’ve received over the course of Advent. We hope you’ve enjoyed following our “What Are You Waiting For?” calendar and that it has added some joy and mindfulness–as well as the inspiration to take action–during this holiday season. Our Advent Calendar might be done on Christmas day but the feature it grew out of–our Daily Jolt–continues, so make sure you stop by everyday for the Daily Jolt’s dose of inspiration, contemplation and microChallenges. And stayed tuned for our “FastPrayGive” Lenten Calendar that will begin once again on Ash Wednesday (February 17, 2010).

Merry Christmas!

Weekly winners:

Week 3 winner: Nick Peeters, Oshkosh, WI; a Bible stick (a “Faith Comes By Hearing” dedicated Bible MP3 player)

Week 2 winner: Josette Stegmair, Monrovia, CA; a Busted Halo logo hoodie

Week 1 winner: Sandy Hyacinthe, Miami, FL; BH coffee mug and hot chocolate
Derived from the Latin word, adventus (meaning “arrival”), the Advent season is set apart on the Christian calendar as a period of anticipation. The four weeks leading up to December 25 are intended as a period of preparation to celebrate, once again, the miraculous arrival of a vulnerable infant born to humble parents. It is a time for Christians to recall that God so loved the world that He became one of us.

The reality for most of us however is that Advent simply becomes the anxious weeks of shopping and holiday planning that precede Christmas Day. In the bustle of the holiday season, it is usually difficult to keep in mind what we are actually waiting for before Christmas. While many of us won’t be able to completely avoid the Christmas onslaught, it is still possible to maintain some connection to the spiritual foundation of the season. Our 2009 Advent Surprise Calendar is based on our popular Daily Jolt feature in which we offer readers a small bit of contemplation/inspiration and couple it with a “microChallenge” that encourages them to put these spiritual moments into action in their daily lives.

In traditional Advent Calendars, children open different calendar windows throughout the season to reveal special surprises. Busted Halo’s® Advent Calendar combines that sense of surprise with the opportunity for reflection and action found in our Daily Jolt feature the rest of the year.

Daily reflection, action and prizes

Each day of Advent, the calendar will open a new link to a chance at winning a great prize, an opportunity for reflection and a microChallenge. Like our Daily Jolt, the reflections chosen for the Advent Calendar come from some very unlikely sources, and the microChallenges help you to act on your spiritual inspiration in simple — usually very small — ways you’d probably never considered.

There are three different prize levels in this year’s Giveaway: daily, weekly (books, cds, dvds and gear), and a grand prize iPod Nano. Every day, readers will be given a clue describing the Weekly Prize. Readers can send in one guess each day. Each guess will enter them into the random drawings for that day’s prize and the iPod Nano grand prize. Each correct guess will enter them into that Friday’s random drawing for the Weekly Prize. If none of the entries in a given week have guessed the Weekly Prize correctly, the winner will be chosen from a random drawing of all that week’s entries.

Entries must be accompanied by both email and snail mail addresses (don’t worry, this info won’t be given out to anyone, it just makes it easier to track contestants and winners). The iPod Nano Grand Prize will be awarded on December 25 in a random drawing from all eligible entries received during Advent. (See contest rules here.)

All you need to be eligible is come back to our calendar each day, open that day’s new link and follow the instructions on how to enter in the drawing. It’s easy; you can enter as often as once a day (and up your chances of winning). Winners will be chosen within 24 hours and notified.

You can see a list of winners so far here.

Let’s recap…

We’re offering you the chance this Advent to take a break from the Christmas rush and spend a moment reflecting and acting every day on what the season is all about. And we’re even giving out some great prizes too. So make sure you visit the calendar often and tell your friends…

Come on, what are you waiting for?

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  • Phil Fox Rose

    Laura, look at the past Friday entries, in the section where we’d normally be giving you the weekly clue. That where we announce them. Enjoy!

  • Laura

    Where can I find the answers for each week? Anyone know? Thanks!!

  • Megan

    Oooh, I wish I were in Fiji with the Busted Halo team. Sounds like a great Advent-time vacation to me!

    This is a really-well done web feature; thanks for putting it together. I was trying to figure out some kind of Advent devotion and was having trouble getting it together to plan one. You’ve given me a place to start! Thanks…

  • cathyf

    When I try to bring up today’s page, I get:

    No peeking! You can’t look at a future day in the Advent calendar.

    Click here to return to the calendar page.

    That’s either an error, or you’re running busted halo from Fiji!

  • Lisa

    I’m waiting for my next job opportunity. My position was outsourced in May of 08, and I haven’t been able to get a job since. Being the sole income provider with a mortgage, it is becoming a bit stressful and taking a toll on my health.

  • Peter

    Been having trouble with the capcha codes on the entry forms. Most are hard to read, plus I’ve been getting numerous errors trying to submit the forum.

  • Sandra

    Oh there are any number of “waits” and holds going on in my life, in my husband’s life and in the lives of our now grown children.

    Right now, the “wait” is wondering and hoping, not really anything dreadful (although some years… well) Advent came quickly, I am back in school (grad school) and that has been my priority.

  • Cibele

    I’m from Brazil and I discovered this page about 2 years ago by chance. I have checked it pretty much daily since then and the calendars you guys have for lent and advent are some of my favorite things here. Thank you for that!

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