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February 3rd, 2009

Confession 101 – part one

What is it & how to do it (even if it's been a long time)


Busted Halo® looks at the Sacrament of Reconciliation from the perspective of the seeker who has been thinking about confession.

In part one, we cover initial reservations about confession and how best to approach it, along with detailing the two types of sins of which to be mindful.

Download this PDF, How To Go To Confession, and take it with you… it’s okay, really.

Another helpful PDF, Some Common Catholic Prayers.

Click here for part two.

To download this video go here and click the download arrow or choose save or download.

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  • Tina

    Just a suggestion but if you feel you need to spend a lot of time in confession, you can usually make an appointment with your parish priest, keeping in mind he may not be able to accommodate you immediately. God bless!

  • Judy

    If it’s been decades since you went, how much detail do you need to go into and how much time can you take without messing up everyone else’s schedule?

  • RJ

    2 questions:
    1- what if you have a lotta stuff to confess? is a priest gonna take 30 mins, or more to listen/hear a confession?
    2- what if, even tho’ the church teaches something is a sin, intellectually as well as morally, you truly do not believe it is a sin?

  • Steve


    My recommendation is to go through a very thorough examination of conscience. If you’re worried about recalling everything in confession, feel free to write it down (destroying the paper afterward will feel great!). Also, keep in mind that while you’re supposed to confess all mortal sins that you remember, if you legitimately forget some, you are still forgiven!

  • Howee

    Alright, but what if it’s been- literally- decades. Or what if one never actually has been before (for whatever reasons.) There’s a LOT of sins to recollect and confess over the years…

  • Theresa Henderson

    I’m going to print this, have enough made and volunteer to insert them into the Sunday bulletin.

  • Stacy

    Thank you for the ‘How To Go To Confession’ pdf. I too had not gone to Confession in YEARS. Having this literally in hand was a blessing. Thank you!

  • Ris

    These videos were helpful; I made my first confession a couple of weeks ago, and while I was still a nervous wreck, I had some idea of what to expect at least.

  • Sr. Eileen

    This was terrific. I used it a few moments ago with an adult parishioner who will receive First Eucharist this month and Confirmation in May. She is receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation as I write this comment. Thanks again, Mike & Fr. Dave!

  • Mary Alice

    This is really excellent, thank you. We need to make better use of this sacrament to renew the Church.

  • Marge

    Good idea presenting the simple steps to confess our sins. Watchers should not be intimidated. Waiting for part II. Thanks

  • Brad B

    I went to confession for the first time in years last summer. July 5th to be exact. I’m glad I did. It is a great time for reflection and an opportunity to talk to the priest. I tell him my sins and talk about what I see as my spiritual challenges. I try to go once a month now.

  • Fr. Pat

    This is a good start. I have many people come to confession and say “It’s been a loong time.” I usually say something like “Welcome back” and then I walk them through the steps to make it a little less stressful (I hope). I look forward to part two!

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