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The Busted Halo Cast® is our weekly podcast that answers questions of faith ranging from the simple basics of the Catholic faith to complex dilemmas of everyday life. We also highlight a church to visit that other young adults have found welcoming and vital and preview next week's scripture readings.

Busted Halo’s Fr. Dave Dwyer, Fr. Steven Bell, and Barbara Wheeler-Bride co-host every week offering their faith-filled answers to your questions. You can call-in your questions to (917) 591 8476 or e-mail us at questionbox@bustedhalo.com

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September 19th, 2012
#332 – What’s the difference between a valid marriage and a sacramental marriage?

What’s the difference between a valid marriage and a sacramental marriage?  Barbara’s last podcast as a single woman (she gets married this weekend).  Question begins at 9:52.  09-19-12.

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  • Christopher Wheeler-Bride

    Greetings, I felt the need to weigh in on this comment, being the groom and husband of Barbara. I do understand that the perception that catholic weddings should be held in a church is a sacred belief. I was raised Catholic myself, and have attended many Catholic weddings and services. But where I diverge in this matter is that the idea that God is everywhere, so why should these events not be held anywhere? Why is it necessary to make this commitment in a church? At our wedding, God was the sun that shined down on us, God was the air we breathed, God was the joy and love that we felt emanating from all those who had gathered to be present in this most amazing moment of my life. If there was sadness, it was only due to the absence of those we loved that could not be present. But even then, I felt their presence in the sunshine that day. Father Dave, I would like to thank you for your supporting comments, and thank you very very much for joining us at this magnificent event!

  • Fr Dave Dwyer

    Nancy, you are correct: Catholics (usually) get married in a church and (usually) at Mass. Barbara, however, as we have mentioned many times on the podcast is United Methodist, not a Catholic. Our rules about sacraments don’t apply to her. She is free to get married wherever she likes. I was at the wedding and it was joy-filled, not “sad.” And to further clarify your statement: there are many situations when Catholics do not get married at Mass, such as when a Catholic marries a non-Catholic Christian; and there are also situations where it is permissible for a Catholic to be married outside a church (even in a textile mill!), such as when a Catholic marries a non-baptized person. These are dispensations routinely granted from the bishop’s office of virtually every Catholic diocese. So, as a catechist, I encourage you to be more precise in your describing what Catholics do and as a Catholic, more charitable in your comments. And, no, we will not be editing the podcast.

  • Nancy Needham

    As a catechist who often recommends your web site to Catholic youth seeking information on the faith, I was very disappointed to hear podcast #332, in which Barbara indicates she is getting married in renovated textile mill. How sad. Catholics get married in a church at Mass, not in restaurants and factories. I think you should remake this podcast and edit out this comment.

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