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#468 What can I do if I am a Charismatic Catholic but my diocese doesn’t offer this type of prayer and worship?

Looking for a more Charismatic type of worship? Don’t know of too many options? We have some suggestions

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#467 What is the spiritual benefit of not eating meat during Lent?

How does not eating meat on Ash Wednesdays and Fridays during Lent benefit me spiritually?

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#465 Can you change who your godparents are?

What do you do if your child’s godparent is M.I.A.? Is it possible to change who their godfather is?

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#464 How do you say yes to God when you can’t hear God calling?

How do you know when God is calling you? What does it sound like?

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#463 Why did Pope Francis open the “Holy Doors” to begin the Jubilee Year of Mercy?

It’s the Jubilee of Mercy! But what exactly does that mean?

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#462 How do I respond to my niece saying she is an Atheist?

What do you do as a devout Catholic when your niece trusts you with the information that she is an Atheist?

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#461 Why are there two versions of the creation story in Genesis?

Why have two versions of the same story? Did God create the world twice?

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#460 Can you disagree with Church teaching and still be a faithful Catholic?

If you find yourself in disagreement with Church teaching, what happens?

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#459 Should I try to reconnect with someone who I chose to no longer have contact with?

If you had a falling out with someone awhile ago and they are reaching out to you, should you reconnect with them?

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