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The Busted Halo Cast® is our weekly podcast that answers questions of faith ranging from the simple basics of the Catholic faith to complex dilemmas of everyday life. We also highlight a church to visit that other young adults have found welcoming and vital and preview next week's scripture readings.

Busted Halo’s Fr. Dave Dwyer, Fr. Steven Bell, and Barbara Wheeler-Bride co-host every week offering their faith-filled answers to your questions. You can call-in your questions to (917) 591 8476 or e-mail us at questionbox@bustedhalo.com

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July 21st, 2014
#412- Why does the Catholic Bible have more books than the Protestant Bible?

Wait — There are more books in the Catholic Bible? Fr. Dave, Barbara, and Intern Sean talk about why that’s the case on this episode of the Busted Halo Cast. Here’s a link to more about how a book becomes part of the Canon of Scripture. Speaking of the Bible … Coming Attractions: We turn to the Gospel of Matthew to hear about the treasure of heaven. Church Search takes a trip to St. Mary University Parish located in the middle of Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

0:00 — Intro

7:52 — Question

25:39 — Coming Attractions

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  • CLAS1987

    I am Episcopalian and our Bibles include the Apocrypha. These books are not authoritative for us but we do read them as part of our worship and for instruction. So, some “Protestants” do include the same books that are in the “Catholic” Bible.

  • Polycarp13

    Wait — There are more books in the Catholic Bible?— 1 Machabees chapter #8-
    verse #1-1 Now Judas heard of the fame of the Romans, that they are powerful and strong, and willingly agree to all things that are requested of them: and that whosoever have come to them, they have made amity with them, and that they are mighty in power.— I humbly suggest to read, pray, and study the whole chapter- verse #17 So Judas chose Eupolemus, the son of John, the son of Jacob, and Jason, the son of Eleazar, and he sent them to Rome to make a league of amity and confederacy with them. Remember what one has learned in biology class when reading verse #25- The nation of the Jews shall help them according as the time shall direct, with all their “heart”:, verse #27 Rome basically say’s the same thing they would do for the Jewish nation—Verse #27 In like manner also if war shall come first upon the nation of the Jews, the Romans shall help them with all their “heart”, according as the time shall permit them:.

    Non-Catholic’s eliminating the Machabee books would be keeping us in ignorance of “our” ties to the Roman Empire, thus now the Roman Catholic Church. Jesus being brought up in the Jewish Faith would have had full knowledge of the Machabee’s, and the Treaty the Jewish Nation had made with the Romans.

    God Bless

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