A prophecy

The other day G-d spoke to me. He came in a form of a coffee vendor, shouting out, “Hey! What kind of coffee do you want?” Looking nice enough, I went over and requested my coffee iced.

We chatted for a bit. I surprisingly didn’t have to rush for once, being early to my destination. He asked to read my palm, his grandmother apparently was a big deal palm reader. He told me I will live a long life — 92 or 93. I will be married, have one son and be a millionaire by the time I’m 35. He also told me I will have some type of kidney problem in a couple of years. I’m not sure if I would be so upset about a kidney problem now, since the rest of my life sounds pretty good.

I have to ask though, who the heck is this guy? And why is he so certain he can tell my future?

I’m not sure I believe in such prophecy, but I’m not sure I don’t either. Part of me is looking forward to seeing if it will come true. I suppose there is something nice about knowing everything will be OK, isn’t there.

Anyway, I wanted to share this story and hear what you think. Is this guy a total crazy or he knows something the rest of us don’t? How much faith can we place on the lines drawn on our palms, or the strangers who read them?

I promised the coffee vendor I’d come back when I’m 35, and a millionaire of course. If all goes according to “planned,” I’ll come back and tell you about it too.