BARBARA — DAY 16: UPDATE: Get Well, Frances Helen

40 notes to 40 people in 40 days

barbara-day-16Tuesday nights at my church, a member teaches a pilates class. It’s wonderful. And after a long day of work sitting (sometimes slouching) at a desk, my body is begging to stretch and move. Thus my affection for the pilates class.

Anyway, after the pilates class there’s a knitting circle of women from the church and community in the same room.

This week — who should walk in for the knitting circle? None other than Frances Helen! Who you might remember was recipient of my “DAY 1” note of this Lenten challenge.

Frances Helen is up and about this week for the first time after breaking her arm in January. Her arm is healing (praise God). And she was her usual warm and smiling self, making jokes about needing to take a break from climbing trees. Ha ha ha. It was so good to see her!