BARBARA — DAY 28: Encouraging Words

40 notes to 40 people in 40 days

Sending encouraging words on sushi-nery this week.
Sending encouraging words on sushi-nery this week.
We can all use them from time-to-time. And maybe especially now — in middle of the desert of Lent and whatever specific fast or challenge you’ve taken on in your personal/spiritual life.

My best encouragement this a.m. is to remember that you are not alone. One of the Lenten stories of Jesus’ temptation in the desert — the one in Mark — says that when Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days and tempted by satan, he was with the wild animals and the angels waited on him. He was not alone. God — and God’s creation — was there.

Today — that means that when the sun is shining, God is there. When the temperatures climb into the 50s (THE 50s!!!), God is there. When I meet “wild animals” and even angels on the street, in the grocery store, at Starbucks, God is there.

And know this — I feel ya. What was I thinking writing 40 notes to 40 people in 40 days. And then blogging about it! But in my moments of frustration or writer’s block I have found a gift — the presence of God through the presence of others in my life. It’s at those moments that I’m reminded that when I see this time as anything but a gift — I’ve missed the point. While writing these notes, I’ve been thinking about the moments when I’ve needed that extra boost — and received one. These notes remind me who is important in my life and the shared laughs, wisdom, tears, and more that weave together a tapestry of my friends and family. There’s something more to this Lenten practice than writing notes … of course there is.

So, the intention of my notes for the next few days will be to encourage others. And at the same time, bring some encouragement to myself.