Becoming Happy

We’re now in the Jewish month of Adar.  It’s the month of the holiday called Purim, where the Jewish people were persecuted by King Achashveirosh and his evil official Haman [booooo (when the name Haman is read aloud from the Scroll of Esther, it is customary to make noise and stomp to blot out his name)], but were saved by the merit of Queen Esther.

It’s said in the Talmud “Mi she’nichnas Adar, marbin b’simcha” – When Adar arrives we increase our joy.  Despite knowing this popular phrase, I was having trouble rejoicing.  I felt like I was holding on to some bad energy lately, and that was bothering me.  Really, really bothering me.  I had gone to hear a Rabbi speak at a friend’s house to hear some inspiring words, yet I couldn’t help but feel truly disconnected.  And that bothered me as well.  Where was this version of 5 years ago me who really felt like a spiritual being?

As a result, I have decided to make a shift in my way of thinking.  I’m working hard to bring more positivity in my life, and hopefully more spirituality.  I still believe that, like I told Monica and Annie, 2012 will be a fantastic year.  Now I’m taking extra, conscious, steps to make that happen.

It is my wish and blessing that everyone who celebrates (and those who don’t!) should have a joyful Purim, where we realize all of our true potential in life.