Can you Feng Shui your life?

In ancient Greece, luck was believed to be a lottery, only awarded to a certain number of people by the gods. In Chinese tradition, however, luck is believed to be governed by our own power. Creating space for luck to enter and travel is how we receive our lot of luck. That is, at least, what my new Feng Shui book says. In Chinese culture, Feng Shui is not looked at as a superstition or religion, but as a science and an art.

When one is ill or has bad luck in life, a Feng Shui  master may enter the home, cleanse the space of bad energy, reorganize furniture, bring in plants and remove items, and it is claimed that the person’s health and luck will change. This is often, in Judaism and Catholicism, something we leave up to prayer. By reorganizing the space where we live, can we also reorganize our life?

I’ve been paying a lot of attention to home décor, style magazines and these reality home makeover shows lately, and am often left in awe at the sight of some of these homes. It is no secret that certain colors, scents, etc. give off a different emotion, energy and vibe. I remember an experiment that proved areas filled with litter and graffiti correlated to more crime, and when those same areas were cleaned up, the crime went down simultaneously. I’m now going to work on an experiment of my own.

Did you know, for example, that there are ways to bring elements into your home that will bring you wealth, romance, children, fame and recognition according to the Chinese? Did you know having the sharp edges of furniture pointed at your bed or seats are considered “poison arrows” and should be positioned otherwise? Or that mirrors reflecting your bed equates to bad health and bad relationships? Or that a fountain or aquarium in your office will bring you wealth? These are just a few of hundreds of techniques the Chinese use to bring luck into their homes.

I find it fascinating, where as Judaism relies heavily on the things we cannot see and feel to bring us luck in life, the Chinese use tangible and worldly resources at our fingertips to bring G-d’s dosage of luck closer to us. We often in religion ignore the “superficial” believing beautiful is not what is most important. But can the beautiful in our exterior life create beautiful in our interior lives? I think all religions have much to learn from Eastern traditions, and especially the Chinese.

Have you redecorated your home or work space in order to bring new energy and luck into your life? Did it make a difference? Let me know what you’ve done with your space as I start to decorate my new apartment in the coming months.