Catholic Mascotology: Day 5 – The Championship

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We’ve arrived at the final day and at the final two mascots who will go head-to-head for approximately the next 24 hours to see which one is truly the Best Catholic Mascot.

Yesterday, the Loyola Maryland Greyhound’s speed and ferocity allowed it to outrun and outmatch the Holy Cross Crusader, who, burdened under the weight of his armor, could simply not keep up. The Greyhound sprinted to victory and now arrives at Day Five, slightly sweaty and panting for breath. Will this sleek grey canine have the endurance to keep up with its competition in this final match-up?

That’s hard to say, because when it gets tired of traversing the land on it’s lionesque hindquarters, the Canisius Golden Griffin, the other half of today’s championship contest, has the staggering ability to stretch its great golden eagle’s wings and soar away, possibly to triumph. That’s exactly what it did in yesterday’s match-up against the Fordham Ram, who despite its strength and stubbornness, ultimately lost a super close fight by only 17 votes!

round4-results2One thing’s for sure: all four schools’ backers showed great support for their mascots as more than 18,000 total votes came in. As of today we may not know who the ultimate mascot is, but we certainly know that Canisius College, College of the Holy Cross, Fordham University and Loyola Maryland all have great fans and even greater school spirit. That being said, write-ups on both the Loyola Maryland sports website, and Canisius’ athletics page are probably what brought these animals to penultimate victory, (and alerted the authorities of Catholic Mascotology to a possible illegal voting block, hmmm, will have to investigate…) But what tricks do these two mascots have up their sleeves today? It’s an interesting question, particularly since neither wears sleeves, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Whether your team won or lost yesterday, now’s your last chance to participate in Busted Halo‘s® Catholic Mascotology as we head into the final round and the final voting below. Vote, share, support your mascots!

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The Championship competitors:

g05-LMDGreyhoundThe Loyola Maryland Greyhound: The Greyhound, known to be a fierce and fast dog, is the mascot of Loyola University Maryland. The mascot has been portrayed throughout the years by both live greyhounds (the last one, Nicholas III, retired in 2011) and a costumed-mascot, Iggy. The Greyhounds are best known for their men and women’s winning lacrosse teams, honoring their mascot by being both fierce and fast.

y04-CGriffinThe Canisius Golden Griffin: Half lion, half eagle, the mighty Griffin allows Canisius College two mascots in one. Though, one has to wonder about the theological implications of a Catholic school using an ancient Greek mythological figure as its mascot? However, further research actually proves it’s quite logical: in medieval times the Griffin was an emblem of the Church’s view of marriage since the animals were said to mate for life and stay faithful to their beloved even after the other had died. Furthermore, being a beast of both the land and the air, it was seen in Christendom as a symbol of Jesus — both human and divine.