CHRISTINA — DAY 41: Seeing babies

Lenten Facebook Fast

IMG_0452As I noted in my last post, whenever I’m missing Facebook, God finds a way to surprise me with something even better.

Lately, I’ve been really missing seeing pictures of my friends’ kids and babies on Facebook. I’m not the type of person who complains about all the pictures of babies and kids on her newsfeed. In fact, I look forward to it! Since I hardly see my college friends or friends who live in different cities, seeing pictures on Facebook helps me to feel connected to their new and growing families.

Kids grow up in the blink of an eye, so I’ve found myself wondering about people’s babies while being off Facebook for Lent. It feels like by the time I get back on Facebook, they’ll be posting about their kids moving to college!

In the midst of missing this, God sent me a lovely surprise in the form of a Baptism party for a close friend. Holding a baby definitely trumps seeing a picture of a baby, so I was delighted be present to the real deal. The party took place on a beautiful Spring day, and between the weather warming up and holding the baby, I couldn’t have been more content.