Dear Shabbat, How I’ve Missed Thee

Friday night was, for the first time in a while, a much-needed night for Shabbat. And while I had plans to go to an 80’s dance party with my one roommate Annie, I still had to ask Farrah what she was doing for Shabbos.

Photo Credit: Sam Felder
Photo Credit: Sam Felder

“I’m going to dinner at this really cool family’s house. Want to come?!”

Yes, as a matter of fact, I did. I looked for a Shabbos outfit that could somehow translate to 80’s in case I could milk both events for the night. My unruly, curly hair worked out either way.

I got to dinner at 9 pm (Shabbos starts late in the summer) with Stella in hand. About two dozen people were in the apartment, waiting for dinner to start. I was immediately taken back to all the times I kept Shabbat, and how meaningful they were for me.

With phone off, reciting prayers I can only recite with transliteration, good food and meeting new people, I forgot all about the 80’s party I planned to go to, and wasn’t all that upset to miss it. It was past midnight when I left, walking home without thinking about taking the lazier option to drive, and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity Shabbat brings – food, good company, prayer and a break from everyday distractions.

Though I know it won’t be every Friday night I choose Shabbat over a themed bar party, it’s nice to have that option. It’s especially nice to have two roommates who bring out both the spiritual and social sides of me.  Thanks you guys. Tear. I look forward to many more Friday nights out and Shabbats with you two in Brooklyn.