Do You Believe In Divine Intervention?

Early this morning, peaked my interest with one of their top news stories. The teaser read:

“Victor Perez had been glued to TV coverage of the abduction of an 8-year-old girl in Fresno, California. Soon afterwards, he saw the suspect’s truck, then a little girl inside. What he did next made all the difference.”

After watching the video of Perez explaining what he did, I was in awe by the chain of events.

This man didn’t make it to work that day since rain made his day job cutting wine grapes difficult. Instead, he was watching news anchors describe a young girl’s abduction. He then went outside and recognized the van they mentioned in the news report drive by and hopped in his own truck to follow it, soon realizing the girl was inside, eventually bringing her to safety.

“I thank God that He put me here to help out that little girl,” Victor Perez said.

“It is truly a miracle of God that she is with us today,” Police Chief Jerry Dyer said in the CNN article. “We beat the odds today.”

Do you think it was divine intervention?