India’s Fading Jewish Community

I have always wanted to travel to India. There is something incredibly powerful about that Country – the land, the people, the spirituality. And when I do finally go, I plan to visit the Jewish community there, just as I do when I travel to most places.

Unfortunately, the Indian Jewish community is shrinking according to a recent CNN article. The article begins “At 65, Ian Zachariah is one of the youngest ones left. ‘Can you believe it?’ he says, adjusting a borrowed yarmulke in a now-empty synagogue.”

Once a thriving community of 6,000, there are 30 Jews left in the City of Kalkata. And though there are two Jewish schools in the City, not one student is Jewish. However, as opposed to other places (such as Egypt which this week we celebrate our Exodus), Jews left India on their own accord, leaving behind a rich culture and community.

“‘Kolkata,’ he says, was the kind of place that absorbed everyone. Evidence of that tolerance can be found on the same corner as Maghen David, where land is shared by a Christian church, a Hindu shrine and a Muslim mosque.” Beautiful.

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