Jewish-Catholic Apartment Hunting

interfaith-apt-flashIt would only make sense for me, the Jewish girl who blogs on Busted Halo, to find two roommates — one Catholic, one a semi-observant Jew — to move in with. The beautiful part about it is my getting new material for the site.

When it was decided the three of us would find a place together, it was no question we would get along. We’re all in the same industry, have mutual friends, same crazy schedules (3 am work hours) and so on. But what happens if one eats bacon and leaves the lard out all over the kitchen table? And the other gets annoyed about having the lights on all night because of Shabbat.

“Would Annie get mad at me if I asked her if she eats bacon?” Farrah asked. “I hate bacon. It makes me throw up. And it’s not just a Jewish thing. I just hate bacon.”

“What do I need to know about Shabbat? I’ve been meaning to ask about that light thing.” Annie says. “I remember in college, the people across the street would ask us to turn the light on for them.”

So here goes some serious Jewish-Catholic dialogue. And by serious, I mean comical and thoughtful dialogue, where we all are forced to understand one another on not just a food and electricity level, but a deeper “This is how I get close to G-d” level.

Annie, my Catholic friend, even thought to maybe check out a church. Who knew, two Jewish girls could inspire a Catholic to go to church. Farrah would even point out the 17 churches along our apartment search path as an FYI, as if they were each exciting new spots for us all to go.

“I totally forgot about the light thing,” Farrah said. “Would it be weird for Annie to have the lights on in the bathroom all Friday night?

“And what about Pesach?” Farrah asks (referring to cleaning out the house for a week of any yeast).

“We will lock her up in her room with a loaf of bread,” I joked.

In the meantime, we first need to find the place we all call home (where we can learn about Kosher cuisine and Catholic churches). Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.