Many Reasons to Be Thankful

As Thanksgiving arrives, it’s hard not to think about what we’re thankful for. Perhaps Madison Square Garden is an unlikely spot to feel gratitude, but I was overcome with gratefulness Monday night while covering Taylor Swift’s performance.

After I picked up my press tickets for the show I was shocked to find out that my seats were three rows from the stage. For over two hours, I was transported into Taylor’s fairytale world where dreams come true, Prince Charming sweeps you off your feet and, most importantly, love exists.

At a time when Occupy Wall Street is all I hear about, I’m continuously worried if I’ll be able to pay my rent next month, and the scary realization that I’m now much closer to 30-years-old than 20, I’m thankful for everything Taylor Swift represents. A hopeless romantic and optimist like myself, it’s a blessing to know someone like her exists in today’s society. A respected role model, her songwriting alone is like none other. The ability she has to have her listener relate is a feat in itself and something I wrote about in my MusiCares submission, “Changing Lives One Song at a Time.”

Earlier this month, I found out I’m one of six bloggers nominated to attend MusiCares person of the year event honoring Sir Paul McCartney during Grammy week. I remember opening the email and shaking in disbelief. Sheer amazement and being thankful that I had the determination to follow my passion overcame me. It’s in these moments of accomplishment that I’m able to look back at my life and assess how far I’ve come, but also realize there’s a lot more I hope to do too.

It all comes down to having faith. The other night I watched “Miracle on 34th Street” with Farrah. A holiday classic, a few quotes stuck out for me, mainly this one: “Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to. Just because things don’t turn out the way you want them to the first time you’ve still got to believe in people.”

What I’m most thankful for this holiday season is having faith. Faith to follow my passion and being OK with the unexpected. Most importantly, trusting that God has put me on a path that I’m not entirely sure of, but have chosen to follow nonetheless.

Annie Reuter, is a freelance writer and music blogger who covers concerts and music festivals around the country. In constant pursuit of the next show to attend and band to interview, Annie keeps up her own music blog, You Sing, I Write, where she uncovers what it's really like to spend the day with a rock star.