Millennials Aren’t All Navel-Gazing Narcissists: I Have Proof!

millenials-arent-all-narcisisitisIt’s the end of a semester-long course on Social Change at the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout the course, students mentioned the volunteer and social action groups that they were leading or participating in. So I gave them an opportunity to tell the class about their work.

It was inspiring.

We think American young-adults are too busy texting about the minutia of their lives to care about others? Yes, many are. But there are others that are making a difference:

  • A young woman helping food service employees push for better working conditions
  • A young man spear-heading a community service month for his classmates to help in their own town
  • A young woman gathering college students to mentor kids at a local public school
  • A young man creating interracial dialogue by recruiting membership in an “intercultural house”
  • A young man encouraging his classmates to register to vote for crucial midterm elections

And the list goes on.

These are the times when it’s a joy to teach.