My Best Friend’s Wedding

Teenage Vicki and Deanna at Disneyland.
Teenage Vicki and Deanna at Disneyland.
Two days ago, my best friend of 8 years married her fiancée after about a 1.5 year engagement. Around the time of her engagement, she asked me to be her maid-of-honor. Of course I enthusiastically said yes! My best friend found the love of her life, the first of any person in our friend group. From that moment, weddings plans went forward, invitations were sent, and rehearsals were planned. During the whole process, I was just excited to be a part of it all.

However, about a month ago, realization that the true wedding, not just plans in the air, was coming up hit me like a ton of bricks. Wasn’t it only yesterday that my Deanna and I had met in high school, clicking instantly as best friends? I reminisce so fondly of bonding with Deanna through our time as confirmation students, and then as confirmation facilitators. My favorite time would be during retreats, when we’d just sit and talk about life, as well as goof around a bit. Times with each other in these moments are times I treasure with deep love in my heart, especially because I felt that our friendship and sisterhood was borne out of God’s love (and our parents’ determination that we would be confirmed).

Because my bond with Deanna goes so far back, still as strong as it was back then, I became fearful that I would lose my best friend. Would she turn to me as much? Would we talk like we used to? Would she forget about me? That last one seems kind of drastic, but it’s a question that I scarily considered.

As part of my Lenten promise, I prayed on this. In my prayer, I thought about three important points. First, I want to Deanna to live a happy and fulfilling life. When I see her with Marck, I know that is something that he can provide her with, as well as stick by her side when the going gets tough. He’s all I’ve ever wanted for her in a partner. Second, as much as I know I love Deanna, I know that she loves me as well. Knowing the person she is, she will still love me no matter what happens in life.  Third, God brought us together, and I have to trust in the plan that we would remain so, even if it means in a slightly different way.

Therefore, with a happy heart, I thank God for Deanna’s role in my life. She’s made me a better person for all the love she’s given me. For her to call me her best friend, I believe that means she thinks I’ve impacted her life as well, enough that in a small way, it helped shape the wonderful woman that she is. I thank God for Marck, who loves her unconditionally, and not only accepts, but facilitates God’s presence in her life.

When it’s my turn, I know she’ll want and do the same for me.

God’s presence will still be there, as well as his love and many blessings.