When Monica first suggested that we look for an apartment with Annie over a year and a half ago, I wasn’t sure it was the right thing for me. I was concerned that my religious practices would be compromised in some way. I also wasn’t sure how I felt about living with someone I didn’t really know. But looking back on that time, it was all for nothing. I was given a gift of so many opportunities.

I wanted to leave Monica and Annie to the writing; I never saw myself as a blogger. I was merely a girl who would write poetry when compelled. Yet it was on this blog that I found an audience of people who were all seekers in some way –- like me –- no matter what faith we’re from. I felt like I had people supporting me at home, with Monica and Annie providing advice when I felt my understanding of my faith wavering, and being a sounding board of ideas, questions, and uncertainties about the future.  But the Busted Halo community also provided advice, asked questions, and reassured me that no matter what everything would be okay.

Busted Halo community, thank you. For giving us the opportunity to share our lives with you, for taking an interest in my questions and musings, and for support. You have made this an invaluable part of my journey.