The Climax Begins


As the weekend comes, so does the climax of the World Youth Day. Because of the rain earlier this week, the vigil and papal mass was moved from its original location, which was more than seven miles away from the closest subway stop. Instead, the vigil and the mass will be on Copacabana Beach, where other events had been this past week.

It is another WYD tradition for the final mass to take place a bit aways from other events, so that the pilgrims would make a pilgrimage to the final mass the night before, and keep vigil for the mass with music, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and lots of meeting people from other countries.

Despite the change, many pilgrims are still making the journey on foot, as seen above. And in a little bit, the vigil will begin. We wonder — what have people thought of the week? What are they going to take away?