What Am I Seeking?

Happy (belated) New Year! 2012 is finally here and each person I come across has such a positive feeling towards what this year will bring, as do I. I’ve made a few resolutions this year and while I’ve failed to achieve some years prior (ie. learn guitar), others I’m determined to keep. This year, one of my goals is going to Mass each week.

A rather lofty resolution, after writing about and questioning my faith over the past year-and-a-half on this very blog, I’ve been reflecting on a lot of the comments I’ve received, many of which have advised me to spend time in church every Sunday. I admit I’m still conflicted on why it’s a necessity to go to Mass each week, especially when my friends or family ask me why this was my major resolution of the year. But, today it all came to me, fittingly while sitting in the Catholic church a block away from my apartment.

After the priest talked a great deal about vocation and how important it is that more young Catholics consider a career with the Church, he went on to explain how Jesus often asks us what we’re seeking from life. Which, in turn made me think, “What am I seeking?” Why is my resolution this year to go to church every Sunday? While part of it was sparked by the article, “What To Know When You’re 25(ish)” in Relevant Magazine, the other part was clearly out of my own free will.

As I reflected on his message it hit me: I’m seeking stability. My career has been a roller coaster ride and my personal life has been equally unpredictable, but my faith doesn’t have to be. I would love for at least one part of my life to make sense and be reliable, and maybe going to church every Sunday will provide that for me. At least I hope so. While I realize prayer is important, maybe physically going to Mass each week will provide that stability that I crave. We’ll see how my journey continues this year.

What were your resolutions?

Annie Reuter, is a freelance writer and music blogger who covers concerts and music festivals around the country. In constant pursuit of the next show to attend and band to interview, Annie keeps up her own music blog, You Sing, I Write, where she uncovers what it's really like to spend the day with a rock star.