Don’t Forget Your Halo

The Grand Prize Winner is...

The grand prize voting week for Busted Halo’s first “Don’t Forget Your Halo” summer photo contest was truly an adventure. The competition was far fiercer than any of us at BH HQ ever could’ve dreamed! Alaska #2 showed tremendous early strength while the missionaries from Cameroon, Busted Burgers and Mia Sophia posted strong vote tallies throughout the week. Then, on the last day of voting, in true down-to-the-wire fashion, Mia Sophia ratcheted up the competition by posting an astonishing surge of 200 votes.

Needless to say, things got tense. As with any hard-fought contest, there was also a LOT of trash talk going on. In the final hours of voting, the comments section started filling with remarks questioning whether some competitors had stooped to using improper — even (gasp!) sinful — voting methods as well as complaints of voting malfunctions. It was beginning to turn into a real mudslinging mêlée that would make any old school Chicago ward politician blush! (Trust us folks, we did everything possible to make sure that the whole contest was on the up and up and we have no evidence suggesting that it wasn’t.)


In the final analysis Mia Sophia with 393 votes simply proved to be more of a force than any of her competition could handle, and she takes home the Grand Prize of a Busted Halo backpack filled with goodies, including a customized Busted Halo Flip Video Camcorder.

A huge Busted Halo THANK YOU goes out to all the readers and radio listeners who sent in their halo pictures and voted for their favorites. We received a total of 126 photos — newborn baby halos and family pet halos; wild animal halos and airplane halos; Disney halos; cake, burger, onion ring, hot dog and pizza halos; halos from Paris, Rome, Central America and even a Catholic Mission Doctors Association location in Cameroon.

Congratulations to the Grand Prize winner, the Category winners (below), and all 14 of our Weekly Winners. You truly didn’t forget your halos this summer.

[photosmash id=25]

And there are no states yet unaccounted for in our effort to see 50 halos from 50 states in our “Don’t Forget Your Halo” Summer Photo Contest. We finally made it! All 50 states! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Get the downloadable halo — or make your own with anything you can fashion to resemble a halo on the spot — and email photos to or upload to our Facebook fan page. (See Contest rules here.)

Here are the contestants for the grand prize:

[photosmash id=9]

And here are all the photos you sent in all summer:

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