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A fan shares why they're supporting Busted Halo this holiday season

At Busted Halo® we love getting feedback about how we’re doing — what we’re doing right, how we can better serve you, and why you care about our ministry. So this holiday season we asked some fans to share why they care about Busted Halo.

Jack from California
Jack from California

Jack from California:

My name is Jack, and I have been a listener and reader of Busted Halo for about four years. I never get tired of listening to the Busted Halo Cast because of their unique sense of humor but, more importantly, I love the way they approach the questions posed by listeners. The answers Fr. Dave gives are always very insightful, and yet very easy to understand.

At times, I’ve felt like religion doesn’t fit into my contemporary life, but Busted Halo has truly made my Catholic faith approachable. I appreciate that the Busted Halo website looks at things from a young adult perspective and allows for many view points, not just that of the Catholic Church.

Busted Halo has helped me see that religion is still relevant and has helped me explain our Catholic faith to other people. They’ve inspired me to become active in my parish community and they’ve allowed me to find my Catholic identity. Anyone who is wondering how God fits into their everyday lives should look into Busted Halo. I gave to the Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive, I hope you will too!

This holiday season share why YOU care and (from now to January 9th) make TWICE THE IMPACT during our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive.

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As part of our community, you know what a unique and valuable resource Busted Halo is. However, even though everything we offer here is free to you, it is not costless to produce. So today, show how much you value Busted Halo, and let us know why you’re choosing to donate.

Christy from Alberta, Canada
Christy from Alberta, Canada

Christy from Alberta, Canada:

I’ve been visiting Busted Halo on a regular basis for about 3 years now. I was first attracted to the website when I discovered that its authors weren’t afraid to talk about real life issues from a Catholic perspective. As a Catholic Youth Minister, I visit a lot of Catholic websites for resources & information. I’ve found that many of those websites are not open to the reality of contemporary society. Busted Halo is different. They aren’t afraid to discuss the reasons why people aren’t going to mass, or are frustrated with the Church. Busted Halo is a place where I can learn about Catholic teachings in a non-judgmental, empathic manner.

Busted Halo’s website was an integral part of me returning to the Catholic Church. I had become so disillusioned with the Church at one point, tiring of the hypocrisy of Christians who are all called to love everyone, and clearly were not doing as they were called. Busted Halo showed me that there is room for discussion & love on every issue. To put it simply, Busted Halo is the place where I feel like I can talk about loving people instead of condemning everyone for doing things we don’t agree with.

I am really appreciative of this website. I visit it on a regular basis for meditations (I love the lent & advent calendars), answers to questions, and interesting & thought provoking articles. I’ve actually set Busted Halo as my home page on my laptop because I like visiting the site so much. I recommend this site to my friends, family & colleagues on a regular basis & will continue to share and support Busted Halo’s work as long as the integrity of the site remains the same.

Mike from Connecticut
Mike from Connecticut

Mike, from Connecticut:

“This year I have decided to add someone new to my Christmas gift list: Busted Halo. The reason is simple, more often than not I find myself nodding in agreement with something that is said on the radio show, written on the website, or covered in a podcast. Addressing everyday issues with a modern Catholic voice is refreshing to all of us who consider ourselves spiritual seekers, but compelling content cannot create itself nor can it distribute itself through various points of contact. That is why I am supporting Busted Halo’s Holiday Fund Drive and hope you will consider doing the same.”